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Our medical experts explain the future of proton therapy at the MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center.

The videos can provide you with a better understanding of the proton therapy experience, as well as former patients discuss their success stories.

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The Science and Benefits

Take a detailed look at the science behind proton therapy, the most advanced radiation treatment available.

Advantages of Proton Therapy

Dr. Steven J. Frank discusses the advantages of proton therapy compared to other treatment options.

First appointment?

Hear MD Anderson patient navigator Frannette Woolridge explain what to expect and how to prepare for your first appointment at MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center.

What to expect?

Explore our center, discover what makes us unique, and learn what to expect on all aspects of your care -- from your initial consultation to simulation to treatment and follow-up appointments.

Benefits for Head and Neck Cancer Treatment

Dr. Brandon Gunn discusses how proton therapy affects quality of life for head and neck cancer patients versus traditional radiation therapy.

Clinical Trials for Brain Cancer

David R. Grosshans, M.D., associate professor in Radiation Oncology at MD Anderson Cancer Center, discusses current clinical trials for patients with lower grade gliomas and patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma.

Side Effects in Head and Neck Cancer Patients

MD Anderson outpatient clinical nurse Kenan Oren explains the side effects and offers recommendations for coping with them.

State-of-the-Art Machine Shop at the Proton Therapy Center

This video showcases the center's machine shop and how the specialists program treatment plans into the machines to build compensators and apertures. These are acrylic and brass devices used to shape the beam for optimal treatment.

The Role of Medical Dosimetrist

Dosimetrists design and optimize radiation plans for patients in collaboration with medical physicists and radiation oncologists. Our skilled and passionate group at the MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center are able to smoothly and successfully create a customized treatment plan for each patient on a daily basis.

Prostate Cancer Survivor, Curtis Courington

Prostate cancer survivor and ProtonPals co-leader Curtis Courington explains his experience with proton therapy for prostate cancer.

Choosing Proton Therapy for Pediatric Cancer Treatment

After several nights of waking up crying, the parents of two-year-old Sawyer Hack realized something was wrong. After visits to his pediatric dentist and a hospital, he underwent a biopsy and rhabdomyosarcoma on Sawyer’s left jawbone was discovered. “Proton therapy was able to target the tumor in Sawyer’s jaw and save sensitive tissue such as his eyes and ears” Sawyer’s dad says. “It was a clear that proton therapy was the best decision.”

The Future of MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center

Mark Rolfing, television golf commentator and analyst recently sat down with the MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center’s Steven Frank, M.D., to discuss the center’s milestone tenth anniversary. Mark, a former patient of Dr. Frank’s, goes in depth about the past ten years and what the future holds for proton therapy.

Head and Neck Cancer Surivor, Chris Williams

Head and neck cancer survivor Chris Williams shares his experience through the discovery of nasopharyngeal cancer (nasal cancer) and treatment process with proton therapy.

Is Proton Therapy Treatment Optimal for Childhood Cancer?

Dr. David Grosshans discusses a recent study that shows how proton therapy spares healthy tissue in children with cancer. This is important for childhood cancers because excess radiation can cause damage to the hippocampus, an area involved in learning and memory.

The Proton Therapy Treatment Process

Hear proton therapy radiation therapist Chris Sanders explain the process of what takes place when coming for treatment at the Proton Therapy Center. Our therapists are here to help us end cancer.

Head and Neck Cancer Survivor, Kate Mathis

Nasopharyngeal cancer survivor, Kate Mathis describes how she was diagnosed and why she chose proton therapy treatment.

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