Proton Therapy for Gynecologic Cancer

Proton Therapy. Fewer side effects. More to life.

If you or your loved one has been recently diagnosed with a gynecologic (GYN) cancer, including cancers of the cervix, uterus, or vagina – proton therapy can be the right choice.

Our cancer experts at the MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center treat a number of different types of cancers, delivering the most advanced form of radiation available. Proton therapy targets cancer with power and precision while sparing nearby healthy tissues and organs to minimize side effects.

Benefits of proton therapy

With early detection and treatment, proton therapy can help reduce the radiation dose to the uterus, ovaries, small bowel, femur bones and/or pelvic bone marrow.

The benefits of being treated by proton therapy include:

  • Excellent tumor control
  • Ability to deliver high dose radiation to target while sparing pelvic organs
  • Fewer short and long term side effects particularly to small bowel, large bowel, bladder, kidneys and pelvic bone marrow.

Proton therapy may especially be beneficial to women with advanced endometrial and cervical cancer, prior radiation therapy, and a disease recurrence. When other options including surgery may not be available, proton therapy can conform to the shape and depth of a tumor while sparing healthy tissues and organs.

Why MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center

At the Proton Therapy Center, we are able to offer our GYN patients pencil beam scanning, which is the most advanced form of proton treatment. Pencil beam is very effective in treating the most complex tumors. With a proton beam just millimeters wide, this advanced form of proton therapy combines precision and effectiveness, offering unmatched ability to treat a patient’s tumor and minimizing effect on a patient’s quality of life – during and after treatment.

As a patient at our center, you will have access to a multi-disciplinary team of radiation oncologists, dosimetrists, physicists and other cancer professionals. Our center is the world’s first proton therapy facility located within a comprehensive cancer center. Our cancer specialists work hand-in-hand with other centers within MD Anderson to give patients the full benefit of the resources of one of the nation’s top-ranked cancer centers.

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