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Read the stories of our patients’ experiences with proton therapy treatment.

Thanks to the advanced treatment provided by the MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center and its team of cancer specialists, thousands of cancer patients have survived cancer and are back to enjoying their lives.

Founder of the original ProtonPals site, Joe Landry shares a brief quote about his story:


Joe received 42 treatments over the course of 8½ weeks. Other than minor urinary irritation, he had no problems and was so pleased with the process and his subsequent results that he formed ProtonPals , a support and outreach group for Proton Therapy Center patients. The group keeps past and current patients abreast of treatment advances, advocates and educates patients about radiation therapy and provides an informed network of support and friendship.

Starting the group was important to Joe because he wanted to stay in touch with the new friends he’d made during treatment and to provide education and support to the newly diagnosed. “I wanted to ‘pay it forward’ by supporting the next guy who walked in my shoes,” he said. “Man-to-man – or as we say in the ProtonPals, pal-to-pal.”

Many other ProtonPals shared in his experience and formed a long-lasting bond. We look forward to growing this list as many more join ProtonPals to make their way through their own personal journey.

If you have a graduation story you would like to share, please contact us so we can include your story.


A long-standing MD Anderson tradition has patients ring a gong to signal the end of their treatment as part of their “graduation” — a simple but uplifting ceremony repeated hundreds of times each year. Many patients invite friends and family to celebrate this milestone in their fight against cancer. For pediatric proton therapy patients, the Proton Therapy Center makes the day extra special. In addition to ringing the gong, they receive balloons and special gifts from their treatment team.

Read stories of our patients’ experiences with proton therapy treatment.



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