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Welcome to our support group

ProtonPals is a support and outreach organization for people considering proton therapy treatment, patients of the MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center and their family members.

This group offers patients opportunities to meet and discuss proton treatment-related topics and form lasting friendships with those sharing similar experiences.

Our goal is to provide patients with how the treatment process works, things to do in Houston while here for treatment and the patient resources that are available. Patients can connect through weekly dinners and lunches that are held at various local restaurants for our patients to socialize and interact.

ProtonPals can also connect our patients with a cancer survivor or Proton Ambassador who has been treated with proton therapy. This one-on-one discussion can be beneficial to those who are newly diagnosed and evaluating different treatment options.

"You can never pay back, but you can always pay forward", Woody Hayes.

ProtonPal members, Charles and Janet Schmidly share their experience coming to the Proton Therapy Center and finding others that were in the same position as them.

ProtonPals Crawfish Luncheon
Current and former patients attended the first Proton Pals Crawfish Etouffee Luncheon.

ProtonPals provides our patients with information on the following:

  • Understanding more about proton therapy treatment
  • Educate and raise awareness of proton radiation
  • Up-to-date information on treatment care
  • Proton Therapy Center activities and support
  • Inform patients about side effects based on the experience of others in the group
  • Opportunities to connect with those who support our cause
  • Information about things to do in Houston while in treatment


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