Ependymoma Pediatric Survivor, Eden Bragg

Eden Bragg 2015 and 2017

In May 2015, two-year-old Eden Bragg suddenly became ill with vomiting that lasted up to nine days. After visiting a couple of emergency rooms, doctors informed Eden’s parents a virus was causing his sickness. It was until they visited their local children’s hospital in their hometown of Midland, Texas that doctors decided to go a step further and complete a CT scan. The scan revealed a tumor on Eden’s brain called an ependymoma.

After doctors surgically removed the tumor, Eden returned home to recover and wait to begin radiation treatment. However, Eden’s mother noticed a slight discharge at the incision site which prompted an immediate return to the hospital. “I noticed in the back of his head where his scar was that there was some sort of leaking,” Eden’s mom said.

Health complications

Doctors found Eden had meningitis in his spinal fluid. After Eden’s month-long hospitalization, doctors began discussions about radiation treatment highly recommending proton therapy over conventional radiation. Proton therapy is especially beneficial for children who are still developing and growing. Proton therapy has the ability to precisely deliver proton radiation to the tumor and spare the surrounding healthy tissue. “Instead of radiating his whole head, doctors would radiate only a specific spot,” Eden’s mom said.

Completing proton therapy treatment

After doctor’s recommending the MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center, Eden arrived in July 2015 where he completed 33 treatments. Eden and his family were very pleased with the staff at the Proton Therapy Center. “We loved seeing them everyday. Pediatric Nurse Leo was just so nice. He helped Eden calm down,” Eden’s mom said.

Now, Eden is four years old and enjoys visiting Toys “R” Us to shop for cars, trains and rockets. He loves the outdoors especially visiting barns to pet animals. “We are two years tumor free! I am so thankful for all that you did for our son! Thank you so much!” Eden’s mom said.